Atlas-SSI Strengthens Water Screening Solutions Portfolio with Acquisition of Containment Barrier Leader ABASCO


Wastewater Treatment Baffles & Skimmers

Wastewater Treatment Baffles & Skimmers

ABASCO was established in 1975 as an environmental product manufacturing and design company located in Houston, Texas. The company developed numerous industrial application baffles and oil skimmers in conjunction with the oil spill response product lines. The industrial products have become a rather broad range of Floating Lagoon, Clearwell and tank baffles along with oil, scum, and debris recovery skimmers and temporary storage used by our customers on a worldwide basis.

Lagoon, Tank & Clearwell Baffles

A wide variety of baffle designs have been used successfully in numerous water treatment applications for the oil & gas sectors, mining, industrial, municipal and other markets segments for numerous years. These low cost barriers offer multiple application benefits such as containment, enhanced retention time, fixed barriers, flow direction and other practical uses which can be custom designed for the optimum benefit. ABASCO offers a complete line of Floating Lagoon Baffles, Clearwell Baffles and Tank Baffles for enhanced water treatment.

Industrial Oil Skimmers

Oil skimmers offered are a wide range of rope mop style skimmers, rotary style skimmers and weir style skimmers to cover a broad range of oil recovery applications. These skimmers have a sizable range of recovery capacities, power options, transfer pumps and accessories to become an efficient package for intermittent or continuous use industrial applications.

Temporary Storage

ABASCO has produced many different versions of geomembrane temporary storage from frame erected storage tanks, self-erecting storage tanks, air inflated berms, spill berms, and floating towable bladders. These can be offered in multipe sizes, fabrics and ancillary items to meet a customer's specific application.


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