Atlas-SSI Strengthens Water Screening Solutions Portfolio with Acquisition of Containment Barrier Leader ABASCO


Temporary Oil Storage

Spill Containment Berms

ABASCO spill berms are the perfect solution for spill containment or emergency drips. They can be used for secondary containment or as a decontamination/wash down the station. Spill Berms are easily transported and quickly set up, making them an excellent choice for remote or temporary sites and emergency situations.

oil containment berms

Kwik Tanks

Kwik Tanks are quick-erect, portable storage tanks for collection of all liquid products. Kwik Tanks can be used for:

  • decontamination container
  • hydrocarbon spill recovery
  • temporary liquid storage
  • routine maintenance
  • pipeline repairs
  • slop storage

Kwik Tanks are manufactured using 22-oz or heavier PVC, Elvaloy, or urethane-coated fabric, depending on the application, and the frame is made of lightweight, aluminum tubing with aluminum fittings. The tanks can be erected by one person in 10 minutes or less.

liquid kwik tank
ModelCapacity,* gal (l)Length, ft (m)Width, ft (m)Depth, ft (cm)Shipping weight, lb (kg)
KT-3120 (454)3 (0.91)3 (0.91)2 (30.5)30 (13.6)
KT-5320 (1,211)5 (1.52)5 (1.52)2 (30.5)40 (18.1)
KT-8840 (3,180)8 (2.44)8 (2.44)2 (30.5)70 (31.8)
KT-101,200 (4,542)10 (3.05)10 (3.05)2 (30.5)140 (63.5)
KT-122,000 (7,571)12 (3.66)12 (3.66)2 (30.5)170 (77.1)
KT-142,700 (10,221)14 (4.27)14 (4.27)2 (30.5)200 (90.7)
KT-163,500 (13,249)16 (4.88)16 (4.88)2 (30.5)230 (104.3)
KT-184,500 (17,034)18 (5.49)18 (5.49)2 (30.5)250 (113.4)
KT-205,600 (21,198)20 (6.10)20 (6.10)2 (30.5)280 (127.0)

*Based on liquids with specific gravity of 1.0 or less


Kwik Pools

Kwik Pools are inflatable oil-containment units for use in emergency situations in plants, remote locations, or under overturned trucks or railcars. They are made of PVC, Elvaloy, urethane-coated fabrics, or can be custom-made to specification. Sizes vary from the KP-3, with 100-gallon (379 liter) capacity, to the KP-48, with 1,600-gallon (6,057 liter) capacity.

inflatable oil kwik pool

Open-Top Tanks

Portable, self-erecting open top reservoir for temporary storage of all types of liquids. Used for spill recovery, industrial waste, potable water, fire fighting, civil construction, sewage and bulk storage of other liquids. Lightweight, easily portable and can be set up in minutes by one or two people. No frame is required. Floating collar rises automatically as the tank is filled. Includes standard storage/carry bag, groundsheet, and filling/drain connections, handles on outside of the tank, tie downs and anchor points. Options include a top cover, replaceable inner liner, and repair kit. Constructed of PVC or urethane-coated fabrics, depending on the application.

open top tank
Capacity (U.S. gal)Capacity (Imp. Gal)Capacity (liters)Base (ft)Top (ft)Height (ft)Weight (lb)Weight (kg)

AT Tanks

Portable, field-erectable, open-top tanks for temporary storage of all types of liquids. Used for spill recovery, industrial waste, potable water, firefighting, civil construction, sewage, and other liquids. Fold into a compact package for easy transportation and storage.

  • Lightweight, portable tanks can be set up in minutes by one or two people. No tools are required.
  • High-strength, lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminum frame
  • Includes standard storage/carry bag, groundsheet, and top cover
  • Options include replaceable inner liner, repair kit, and fill/drain connections.
  • Constructed of UV-resistant, hydrocarbon-resistant PVC-coated polyester fabric. The urethane-coated fabric is optional.
liquid AT tank
Capacity, (U.S. gal)Capacity (Imp. gal)Capacity (liters)Base (ft)Height (ft)Base (m)Height (m)Weight (lb)Weight (kg)

Towable Oil Bags

Towable oil bags are specifically designed and manufactured for transportation of oil and related products. They are custom made of heavy-duty fabrics, ranging from PVC to urethane, depending on the application. They can be towed on water or used as storage units on land. Sizes range from 500 to 2,500 gallons. Contact ABASCO for more information.

towable oil bags


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