Atlas-SSI Strengthens Water Screening Solutions Portfolio with Acquisition of Containment Barrier Leader ABASCO


Shoreline Barriers for Oil Spills

Shoreline Barriers for Oil Spills

ABASCO Shoreline Barrier effectively contains oil spills in shallow water areas, such as shorelines, swamps, marshes and river banks. The barrier is especially effective in areas with fluctuating tides. The barrier consists of two water-filled tubular bladders running side-by-side the length of the barrier. On top of these bladders is a third, air-filled tubular bladder. In very shallow water the barrier rests on the bottom, preventing oil from seeping underneath the barrier. In water deeper than the height of the bottom bladders, the barrier floats, with the top air-filled bladder out of the water, and functions like a conventional boom.

Shoreline Oil Boom Configurations

Overall height, in (mm) 20 (508) 28 (712)
Freeboard, in (mm) 10 (254) 14 (356)
Draft, in (mm) 10 (254) 14 (356)
Air and water chamber diameter, in (mm) 12 (305) 16 (406)

AIRBOOM Inflator

Hand-held, 2.3-hp inflator is used to inflate ABASCO AIR Boom or temporary oil-storage tanks. Large-capacity fuel tank for longer operating time. A backpack model is also available.

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