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Response Skimmer

Floating Oil Skimmers

Oil skimmers, also known as floating oil skimmers or oil spill skimmers, are mechanical devices used to collect oil. Oil skimmers collect and remove oil from the surface of the water, and are made for, but not limited to emergency oil spill cleanup. Skimmers for oil spills can be towed, self-propelled, moored in currents, and can even be used in shores. ABASCO offers skimmers for reclaiming crude, refined, animal, or vegetable oils from surface waters, using oleophilic technology to selectively attract oil and repel water. All our skimmers are efficient and durable and easy to deploy, with diesel-hydraulic, electric-hydraulic, or pneumatic power systems utilized to drive the skimmer package. Offloading and transfer pumps are available to meet required recovery rates, oil viscosity, and environmental conditions.

Oil Spill Skimmer Requirements

When it comes to selecting an skimmer for oil spills, there are several specifications that need consideration including:

  • Oil type
  • Temperature
  • Drive (hydraulic / electric / pneumatic)
  • Capacity
  • Environmental conditions
floating oil skimmers


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