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Oil Dispersants & Sprayers

Oil Spill Dispersant Spray Systems

ABASCO has a long history in the design and manufacture of dispersant spray systems.

The "soft rain" spray ensures maximum contact time and a large coverage area. The ABASCO oil spill dispersant systems are design for many different marine application requirements.

DSC Custom Marine Oil Spill Dispersant Sprayers

These dispersant sprayer custom units are easily fitted or retrofitted on a vessel for spraying dispersants on oil spills. Only minimal space is required.

The oil dispersant package includes an engineered blending skid, port and starboard spray-boom arms, two support columns, connection hoses and control panel. The builder furnishes pipe and fittings, electric wiring, dedicated ballast tanks, sea chest, stowages etc.

As a special features, the spray boom arms break down for below-deck stowage.

DSC units are custom manufactured for the specific vessel. Please furnish details of your vessel along with your inquiry. Specific certifications can be provided upon request.

Boat-Mounted Dispersant Sprayers

DSBM 20 is used from small vessels or boats where coastal or harbor locations in smaller application areas are inticipated for hydrocarbon dispersant applications. The sprayers can be either diesel orelectric powered to a skid mounted mixing system.

DSBM 40 is used from medium sized vessels or boats where coastal or offshore locations are anticipated for hydrocarbon dispersant applications. The sprayers can be either diesel or electric powered to a skid mounted mixing system.

DSD Dock Mounted Dispersant Spray System

The dock dispersant sprayer is a very effective way to spray dispersants off docks or small boats, utilizing either one or two separate hand-held spray wands of various lengths, including a double nozzle arrangement. The sprayer is driven by a self-priming centrifugal pump which can be gas, electric or diesel-powered.

DSF Fire Hose Dispersant Sprayers

These rugged sprayers apply dispersants from fire systems to oil slicks. The fire- water pump furnishes the power for operations from docks or boats that have fire-fighting capability.

DSM Manual Dispersant Sprayers

The backpack or hand-held dispersant sprayer has a single hand-held sprayer arm. The sprayer is very effective in applying dispersants to small and inaccessible areas.


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