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ABASCO was established in 1975 as a privately held company based in Houston, Texas and was initially focused upon improved oil spill and has expanded to offer a variety of floating trash barriers and containment boom products including floating boom barriers. These aquatic debris barriers are designed to exclude or contain floatable objects in marine environments. Since these floating boom barriers are designed to limit the spread of sargassum, trash, plastic, and debris, these barriers can either be used for containment, deflection or secure a perimeter area. Explore our range of aquatic debris barriers below or contact us for more information!

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ABASCO offers floating debris barriers and trash booms that utilize various mesh sizes of nets secured to flotation which protect water intakes and other areas from debris. These can be used for industrial, shoreline or stormwater applications and customized for the applications. Floating trash barriers utilize nets of various mesh sizes to protect intakes and other areas from debris and marine animals, including turtles. Please contact us for additional information.

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