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In-Stock Economy Turbidity Curtains

E-Curtains are Turbidity Curtains designed to be an Effortless solution for Everyday jobs where you need an Easy and Effective Solution at an Economical Price. E-Curtains are typically stocked in 50’ Long by 5’ Deep Sections with additional sizes occasionally stocked or available by special request in large enough quantities.

**Abasco has a large inventory of E-Curtains in stock and ready to ship. If you are interested in a large volume purchase, please contact our Sales Team for pricing.

E-Curtain Applications

  • Shallow Ponds
  • Calm Water Lakes
  • Low Tide Coastal Bays 
  • Slow Moving Rivers & Lakes

E-Curtain Products

Type 1: Light Duty Economy Curtain

Applications: Shallow ponds & marshes

TypeFabricFloatChainCablePrice Range
Light Duty E-Curtain14oz Laminate4"3/16"X$$

Type 1: DOT E-Curtain

Applications: Calm Streams & Lakes

TypeFabricFloatChainCablePrice Range
DOT E-Curtain18 oz PVC6"1/4"X$$

Type 2: Light Duty E-Curtain

Applications: Coastal Bays with Low tides, Slow Moving Rivers & Lakes

TypeFabricFloatChainCablePrice Range
Type 2 Light Duty E-Curtain18 oz PVC6"1/4"1/4" Tension$$

light duty economy curtain for ponds and marshes

dot e-curtain for streams and lakes

light duty e-curtain for bays rivers and lakes

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