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Clearwell Baffles

Clearwell Curtains

Clean water is essential for sustaining life and meeting basic sanitary needs, and treatment facilities are tasked with ensuring what comes out of the tap is safe to consume. Occasionally, liquid flows through disinfectant tanks too quickly. The result is water with unsatisfactory contaminant levels, which can lead to regulatory violations and a compromised populace.

Optimize treatment tank fluid retention capabilities with ABASCO. Our clearwell baffles help you adequately disinfect primary water supplies and cost-effectively meet stringent drinking water compliance standards. 


What is a clearwell baffle? 

A barrier that improves the treatment performance of a portable or permanent water tank, pond, or reservoir. It eliminates shortcuts, forcing water passing through a clearwell to make the full trip through the basin. The distance liquids must traverse between inlet and outlet becomes longer, boosting retention times and disinfection results. 

Benefits of Clearwell Baffles

Also called a clearwell curtain or baffle curtain, it also reduces dead zones. These are areas of a tank with little or no flow, and the trapped water lowers treatment process throughput. 

  • Directs water flow
  • Improves efficiency
  • Minimizes short-circuiting
  • Longer contract time
  • Better mixing
  • Increased retention time
  • Little loss of tank volume

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Improving flow with high-quality materials

ABASCO is an established manufacturer of innovative equipment that safeguards natural resources, limits humanmade environmental impacts, and improves drinking water and wastewater processing. Our clearwell baffles are built to excel in demanding environments.

They’re manufactured from NSF/ANSI 61-certified high-performance synthetic geomembranes. This specification sets the standard for the design, fabrication, construction, and performance of water treatment and distribution equipment. The materials are flexible, strong, and reinforced, which provides superior dimensional stability and structural integrity. 

When tasked with supplying communities with high-quality drinkable water, versatility is essential for water treatment professionals. Our baffle curtains easily attach to clearwell tank features such as walls, floors, roofs, and columns. They’re rollable and foldable, enabling smooth transportation through manways or inspection hatches. This eliminates the need for time-consuming and costly structural modifications.

Client-tailored water treatment system flow solutions

At ABASCO, we understand that every water treatment facility is unique. That’s why we manufacture custom clearwell baffles, which bolsters the retention time and disinfection performance of many applications. 

Clearwell Baffle Applications

  • Drinking water treatment
  • Water processing
  • Disaster relief efforts
  • Reservoirs 
  • Permanent water storage
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Portable water storage tanks

All custom clearwell curtains are designed to suit specific tank, pond, or reservoir dimensions. Drawings are provided with each order, helping to streamline setup and operation. Upon request, our team can support your installation. 

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