Atlas-SSI Strengthens Water Screening Solutions Portfolio with Acquisition of Containment Barrier Leader ABASCO


Oil Spill Sorbents, Pads, Rolls & Booms

Oil Absorbent Pads

Oil absorbent pads are used to repel water based fluids and absorb oil based fluids. They are suitable for environmental and industrial applications for the absorption of oil. Our most popular polypropylene pads:

Sorbent PackThickness, in (cm)Width in (cm)Length, in (cm)Pads per bag
AMP-100Medium15 (38.1)18 (48.3)100
AHP-100Heavy15 (38.1)18 (48.3)100

Oil Absorbent Rolls

ABASCO sorbent rolls are made of the same polypropylene material as our pads and can be used in the same situations. Sorbent oil absorbent rolls are very effective in areas where they can be spread out, such as along river banks, on the perimeter of oil pits, and in equipment workshops to pick up leaked oil.

Our most popular sorbent rolls:

Sorbent PackThickness, in (cm)Width in (cm)Length, in (cm)Rolls per bag
AMR-150Medium30 (76.2)150 (45.7)1
AHR-150Heavy30 (76.2)150 (45.7)1

Oil Absorbent Booms

Sorbent booms and are usually deployed on water. They are most effective in calm water situations, where they can be deployed and recovered with minimal turbulence.

Sorbent BoomDiameter, in (cm)Length, ft (m)Booms per bagShip weight, lb (kg)
AS4-104 (10.1)10 (3.05)4
AS5-105 (12.7)10 (3.05)4
AS8-108 (20.3)10 (3.05)4


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