Atlas-SSI Strengthens Water Screening Solutions Portfolio with Acquisition of Containment Barrier Leader ABASCO


Vertical Rope Mop Skimmer

Vertical Mop Skimmer

ABASCO's Vertical Rope-Mop oil skimmer delivers high-volume oil recovery in rough-water conditions. Designed for simple deployment from vessels, it circulates several loops of Petro Mop oleophilic rope mop through floating oil. The rope is lifted vertically and the oil is squeezed out between rollers and collected in a sump, which can be gravity-drained or pumped.


  • Variable-speed hydraulic drive to match sea conditions
  • Efficient oil recovery over a wide range of temperatures and viscosities.


  • Open waters
  • Lakes
  • Bays
ModelMaximum Rope Size in (cm)Maximum Number of RopesNumber of RollersRoller Size in (cm)Length in (cm)Width in (cm)Height in (cm)Capacity bbl/hr (m3/hr)
AVS-49/41212 (30.5)449 (22.9)45 (116.8)42 (106.7)30 (76.2)400 (63.6)
AVS-46/499 (22.9)446 (15.2)38 (96.5)36 (91.4)28 (71.1)240 (38.2)
AVS-34/466 (15.2)434 (10.2)31 (78.7)21 (53.3)24 (61.0)120 (19.1)
AVS-24/386 (15.2)324 (10.2)28 (71.1)18 (45.7)24 (61.0)90 (14.3)


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