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Marine Booms & Oil Response Products

Marine Grade Sediment Control, Spill Response Equipment & Booms

ABASCO offers numerous products required for marine construction including turbidity curtains, debris barriers, oil spill containment boom, boom storage, oil recovery skimmers and temporary storage tanks as required for certain offshore locations. Custom products and design support are also available for unique projects encountered by marine construction operations.

ABASCO has developed products covering the full range of oil recovery, oil containment, and oil storage applications in offshore environments including the prevention of potential discharge into coastal or inland waters, and response products capable of handling marine grade oil spills.

Custom & Standard Product Capabilities

Already established as a leader in oil spill equipment, ABASCO is uniquely positioned development marine products that help your facility adhere to site-specific facility response plans for the severe conditions that exist in the marine environment. The marine containment booms and oil skimmers can be included in the standard design of the facility preventing any operational releases from spreading.

ABASCO carries inventories of marine response products that are designed for applications worldwide including:

  • TYPE 1, 2 & 3 Turbidity Curtains and Specialty Curtains utilized for controlling turbidity at a work site
  • Rugged marine containment and inflatable booms that can be quickly delivered to the site of the spill and rapidly deployed to prevent the spread of oil
  • Once contained in a boom, the oil can then be recovered with skimmers specifically designed to meet the need of the existing site conditions
  • A complete assortment of sorbents, pads and rolls are available to quickly contain small volume spills or as a final polish to remove any leftover residue
  • Dispersants that break up oil into smaller, more diluted and biodegradable particles; dispersants do not remove the oil but make it easier to biodegrade
  • Offloading and transfer pumps
  • Spill response kits
  • Temporary storage
  • Skimmers specifically designed to meet the needs of the existing site conditions

If you need a partner with over 40 years of offshore operations experience designing offshore marine construction products that contain turbidity, contact the experts at ABASCO.

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