Turbidity Curtains for Dredging Applications

Turbidity Curtains and Spill Containment for Dredging

Dredging can be a demanding undertaking.

Controlling the elements – wind, waves, sediment and silt - as much as you can is key to success.

ABASCO designs, develops and delivers high-quality, long-lasting floating turbidity curtains ideal for the most challenging dredging projects.

ABASCO’s line of durable, reliable floating turbidity curtains are expertly engineered, skillfully constructed and rigidly tested to efficiently and effectively control silt and sediment at your dredging site.

Using ABASCO’s high-quality floating turbidity curtains ensures your dredging project complies with all regulations, avoids fines, and stays on schedule.

Providing the Product You Need

ABASCO’s floating turbidity curtains have a series of continuous flotation elements along the top and a fabric skirt hanging below the floats.

The skirt is typically long enough to be within one foot of the bottom and can be used to contain various turbidity. Turbidity curtains usually are made in lengths of 25, 50 or 100 feet, and those sections are joined to make one continuous containment barrier that encloses a worksite.

ABASCO manufactures Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3 turbidity curtains for use depending on the environment and the dredging project.

When selecting a turbidity curtain, consider:

  • Size of sediment
  • Water flow velocity
  • Deflection angle relative to current
  • Debris likely to be encountered
  • Coast Guard and other requirements
  • Length of deployment
  • Water depth and tides
  • Storm water intrusion
Type 1 Turbidity Curtains

Type 1 turbidity curtains, also referred to as type 1 silt curtains, are floating barriers that control sediments or runoff while dredging in calm waters:

  • Small Ponds
  • Calm water lakes
  • Construction sites
  • Protected inland areas

Use ABASCO’s Type 1 economy turbidity curtains in protected waters where the effects of wind, waves, and current are minimal. Type 1 Economy curtains are ideal for silt and sediment control during dredging and marine construction activities.

Type 1 economy turbidity curtains:

  • Use in water between 2 and 20 feet deep
  • Durable
  • Made of high-quality PVC-coated polyester fabric
  • Bottom tension member
  • Marine-grade flotation
Type 2 Turbidity Curtains

ABASCO’s Type 2 turbidity curtains contain silt and turbidity in moving water. Use Type 2 turbidity curtains while dredging in areas with mild current, wind, and wave activity:

  • Lakes
  • Streams
  • Slow-moving rivers
  • Inter-coastal areas
  • Tidal areas

Type 2 turbidity curtains are long-lasting and high-performing for the most demanding dredging projects. ABASCO’s Type 2 turbidity curtains:

  • Made of high strength fabric
  • Durable
  • Strong
  • Heavy duty tension members
  • Aluminum stress plates cornering bottom skirt

ABASCO also offers a Type 2 medium duty version includes heavy duty tension members at the top and bottom of the curtain, and manufactured of high-quality 18 oz. PVC laminated fabric.

Type 3 Heavy Duty Curtains

ABASCO Type 3 turbidity curtains combine high-strength fabric with several other features for use while dredging in areas with moderate current, wind and wave activity:

  • Rivers
  • Bays
  • Waterways
  • Open water exposed to wind and waves

ABASCO’s Type 3 heavy duty turbidity curtains are ideal for dredging in the most demanding conditions. ABASCO’s Type 3 heavy duty turbidity curtains:

  • Tension members above and below flotation and bottom of curtain
  • Reinforced fabric
  • Stress plates at bottom skirt corners
  • Use in water between 3 and 130 feet
  • Made of 22 oz. PVC-coated polyester

Delivering the Service You Deserve

For almost a half century, ABASCO has delivered high-performing, long-lasting products to clean up spills, contain sediment, control wastewater and maintain water quality in the most challenging areas.

ABASCO’s durable, reliable products are used in a wide variety industries including major oil and gas firms, power companies, marine operations, oil spill contractors, the Navy and Coast Guard, railroads, transportation firms, mining and municipal waste water treatment plants.

ABASCO has the experience, expertise and equipment to supply the turbidity curtains, containment booms, skimmers, baffles and barriers you need for all your exacting and demanding water control and containment applications.


  • Operating since 1975
  • Diverse product line serves a wide variety of industries
  • Equipment distributed around the globe


  • 30,000 square foot headquarters/manufacturing plant
  • ISO 9001:2000 compliant 
  • Products stocked and ready for immediate shipment for emergencies
  • Easy access to international airport and major ports


  • Durable, reliable products designed to meet market needs
  • Dedicated, professional staff
  • Can customize products for unique applications
  • Products meet all ASTM and OPA 90 standards
  • Established network of consultants and sub-contractors provide specialized training
  • Active member of international groups monitoring oil spills, sediment control and wastewater
  • Can activate additional personnel if needed

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