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Oil Booms

Oil booms, also referred to as a containment boom, is a temporary floating barrier designed to contain an oil spill. Oil booms reduce the possibility of pollution shorelines, rivers, and oceans, but also allow for an easy recovery. During spill responses, sensitive locations are threatened by oil slick, but these areas can be protected by equipment. Oil booms are designed and manufactured using plastic, metal, or other materials to slow the spread of oil and keep it contained. ABASCO manufactures a full line of oil spill containment booms for all applications and conditions, including conventional boom, air-inflated boom, self-inflating boom, and permanent boom.

Types of Oil Containment Booms

Oil spill booms also help by collecting oil in thicker surface layers, and will make recovery easier for your company! There are several types of oil containment booms depending on the application and conditions. ABASCO manufactures inland/nearshore and offshore oil booms. Inland oil booms utilize smaller floatation members and lighter weight ballasts, which are best for light wind and small waves. Offshore oil booms usually have larger floatation members and can handle heavier ballasts. We manufacture all oil containment booms in our facility located in Humble, Texas.

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Oil Boom Products



The conventional oil containment boom is the most commonly used for spill-response. Also called a curtain boom, the ABASCO conventional boom has semi-flexible internal foam flotation and a flexible fabric skirt. It is available in various sizes and strengths to contain spills in conditions from calm waters to open ocean waves.

Conventional Containment Boom


ABASCO's AirBoom is the perfect boom where storage space is limited, because the uninflated boom rolls flat. Since it can be deployed and inflated quickly, the inflation system allows rapid response. These can range from 36 to 50 inches in height, with tensile strength from 28,000 to 42,000 lbs.

Air Inflated Containment Boom


ABASCO's self-inflating NEO Boom has the strength and durability of a conventional boom and the compactness of air boom. Unlike air boom, however, NEO boom is unsinkable. Stored in one-third the space required, the NEO boom can be easily wound on boom reels or layered in storage containers. No air compressors or blowers are required, and the NEO Boom can be deflated and placed back in storage.

NEO Boom Deployment


The SIGMA Boom is heavy duty boom designed for permanent installations. It is available in 18", 24", 36", 42" and 48" overall height and produced from either heavy grade belting or Urethane coated fabric with UV protection and marine growth inhibitor. The SIGMA boom requires little to no maintenance. It has the longest life available and is suitable for most severe conditions.

Sigma Permanent Boom


The Shoreline Barrier contains oil spills in shallow water areas, such as shorelines, swamps, marshes, and river banks. It accommodates varying tide levels and consists of tubular bladders that prevent oil from seeping underneath the barrier.

Shoreline Barrier


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