Floating Baffle Curtains

Floating Baffle CurtainsABASCO Floating curtain baffles are ideal for controlling flow and circulation in wastewater treating ponds, to eliminate dead zones, increase detention time, and improve treatment efficiency. Water baffles, including wastewater baffles and reservoir baffles, are used in industrial and municipal water treatment facilities and plants to improve water quality at the plant. Floating baffles and water baffles are designed to control the water at plants, so they’re constructed in durable fabric and designed with your specifications for treatment. Floating curtain baffles are constructed with heavy duty tension members at the top and bottom of the curtain and UV/chemical/acid/base resistant 30 oz Elvaloy coated fabric. Without the floating baffle curtains, facilities and plants have short circuits across the lagoon., but the addition of the water baffles the flow of water is controlled and redirected. Ultimately, ABASCO floating baffles saves time and money for your facility or plant.

Benefits of ABASCO Water Baffles

  • Improves Treatment Efficiency
  • Increases Detention Time
  • Eliminates Dead Zones
  • Stops Shortcircuiting
  • Cost Effective design
  • Custom Engineering
  • Variety of Materials
Custom-designed wastewater baffles have specially sized and placed windows that control flow and circulation in wastewater treating ponds, to eliminate dead zones, increase detention time, and improve treatment efficiency.

Flow Baffle
  • Top tension cable is 5/16-inch stainless-steel aircraft cable sealed in fabric.
  • Bottom ballast is 3/8-inch galvanized chain in sealed bottom pocket.
  • End tension plate is double 3/16-inch x 3-inch stainless-steel plate with 3/8-inch stainless-steel bolts.
  • Flow-through windows have rounded corners, dielectrically sealed and reinforced with 2-inch webbing. Window size is a minimum of 1 sq ft per 30 gal/min.
  • Baffle connections are double-thick fabric, dielectrically sealed, with stainless-steel grommets set in 2-inch-wide webbing.
  • Flotation is rolled closed-cell polyfoam with a minimum of 55 lb/cu ft buoyancy. Polyfoam will not wick water or oil.
  • Curtain fabric is 30-oz, reinforced, coated Elvaloy® material that resists wicking, ultraviolet radiation and extreme temperatures. Other fabrics available for special applications.
  • Optional furling lines are used to lower and raise the baffle skirt.

Diversion Baffle Curtains

Fabric 30 oz/yd2 Elvaloy Coated Polyester Fabric (Black)
Flotation 6"-12" dia. (depending on skirt depth) EPS or polyethylene foam contained within individually sealed float pockets
Top Tension 5/16" 304 stainless steel cable (9,800 lbs breaking strength) contained in a polyethylene tube
Bottom Tension & Ballast Galvanized steel chain
End connectors High tensile strength aluminum 'Universal' connector or stainless steel connectors at float and top tension cable. Grommets on reinforced fabric on lower skirt. Chain ends shacked section-to-section. Aluminum stress plates at bottom corners. Anchor points on connectors.
Section length 50/100 ft or Custom
Skirt depth To 50 ft. Depth can be tapered to conform to bottom profile.
Flow Through Windows Size and quantity per design. Edges and corners reinforced.
Accessories Anchor systems, ropes, marker buoys, solar lights, repair kits

Diversion Baffles for Wastewater Treatment

ABASCO Diversion Baffle

We custom design diversion baffles for specific wastewater applications. Information we need includes:

  • basin dimensions
  • side slope
  • maximum flow
  • water temperature
  • water pH
  • type and number of aerators

Click here to download a Diversion Baffle Worksheet

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