Oil Spill Response Boats & Trailers


Our marine response vessels are designed for responding to all kinds of oil spills. Available in a range of sizes, these craft feature all-aluminum construction and a robust, double hull. Propulsion options include inboard, outboard, inboard/outboard, and jet drives. The large, open deck and full-width bow ramps offer a stable work platform, and the low deck permits safe and easy deployment of oil boom and skimmers. The vessels are easily pressure-washed for decontamination after use and are lightweight for easy transport and deployment. They can also be equipped for additional duties, including cargo hauling, construction, and diving operations



ABASCO Oil Spill landing Craft
ABASCO 22’ Landing Craft
Oil Spill Response Boat - 24' Landing Craft
ABASCO 24’ Landing Craft
Oil Spill Response Boat - 26' OSRV
Oil Spill Response Trailer
ABASCO Response Trailer w/ Jon Boat


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