Rope Mop Oil Skimmers

ABASCO rope-mop oil skimmers are versatile, economical units that use an oleophilic rope mop to collect oil from surface water. The oil is then squeezed out for collection as the rope passes through the skimmer. Rope-mop skimmers offer superior recovery efficiency in medium to fairly viscous oil, unaffected by floating debris, including broken ice. The rope mop can also be used for oil containment in calm waters and light currents. ABASCO Petro Mop rope has a long wear life, even when rubbing on structures or on sandy or rocky beaches.



T-Series Rope-Mop Skimmers

Boom-style skimmers extend mop out over the recovery area. Ideal for sumps, small ponds, ditches, manholes, and vertical shafts. >More

T Series Rope Mop Oil Skimmer


B-Series Rope-Mop Skimmers

These skimmers mount on a tank or vessel. Frequently used on ships to skim bilgewater. Call or email for more information.



W-Series Rope-Mop Skimmers

Heavy-duty, high-capacity, skid-mounted skimmers deliver high recovery rates. Call or email for more information. >More



K-Series Rope-Mop Skimmers

These lightweight, medium-duty skimmers can be mounted in a variety of ways. Call or email for more information. >More



14-Series Rope-Mop Skimmers

Lightweight, portable skimmers designed and built for reliable operation in remote locations. Good recovery capacity, flexible mounting options. >More


14 Series Rope Mop Oil Skimmer


Q-Series Rope-Mop Skimmers

Our most compact oil skimmers. Portable, lightweight, and economical, they are engineered for long, maintenance-free operation and can be mounted in a variety of ways. >More

Q Series Rope Mop Oil Skimmer


Vertical Rope-Mop Skimmer

High-capacity skimmers for use in rough-water applications. Call or email for more information. >More



Petro Mop Refills

Oil adheres to Petro Mop polypropylene-rope fibers so that the oil is effectively retrieved upon contact.



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