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Conventional Oil Spill Containment Booms

Conventional oil containment boom is our most commonly used spill-response boom. Also called curtain boom, it is designed with semi-flexible internal foam flotation and a flexible fabric skirt. ABASCO conventional oil spill booms are available in sizes and strengths (see below) to contain spills in conditions from quiescent waters to open ocean waves.

Standard Non-Absorbent Containment Boom Features

All fabric welds are standard 2-inch thermal welds or 1-inch radio-frequency (RF) welds for superior strength and durability. Welds are guaranteed for the life of the non-absorbent boom.

Extra-heavy hinge points between flotation segments ensure vertical boom stability and float integrity and durability. Hinges are RF welded and are 3 inches wide and three fabric layers thick.

Flotation segments are 4 ft long for superior wave conformity and ease of handling and storage.

Polyethylene foam flotation has 100% retractable memory for superior flotation performance and durability.

High-tensile-strength aluminum connectors are universally compatible and exceed industry standards.

All tension cables and ballast chains are hot-dip galvanized for non-absorbent booms.

The pre-loaded tension cable terminates into the end connectors; the non-absorbent boom fabric never bears the load.

A wide variety of fabrics, coatings, section lengths, weights, and colors are available.

Oil Spill Containment Booms setup in a river

Floating spill containment booms in a harbor.


DELTA 6-Inch Boom

Lightweight, quiescent-water spill containment boom.
Uses: Calm Bodies of Water (Ponds, Lakes, Canals)
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                6-Inch Boom Delta Oil Containment Boom

ALPHA 10-Inch Boom

A good lightweight, calm-water oil spill boom.
Uses: Calm Bodies of Water (Streams, Ponds, Marinas)
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conventional oil boom Alpha Oil Containment Boom

BETA 18-Inch Boom

Our most popular, all-around conventional oil spill containment boom for moderate to choppy water. For surface oil, flotsam, and debris. Three tensile-strength grades: 5,000 lb, 15,000 lb, and 17,500 lb.
Uses: Mild to Slightly Choppy Water (Harbors, Bays, Rivers, Lagoons)
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oil containment boom Beta Oil Containment Boom

GAMMA 24-Inch Boom
Fast-water boom for slightly choppy to choppy waters. Excellent articulation and surface-water conformance on long-period waves and surface chops. For containing oil, flotsam, debris, and ice. Two tensile-strength grades: 17,500 lb and 20,500 lb.
Uses: Choppy to Fast Bodies of Water (Rivers, Docks, Creeks, Large Lakes)
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conventional oil containment boom Gamma Oil Containment Boom

OMEGA 36-Inch Boom

Offshore and rough-water oil spill boom with a low center of gravity for stability and wave conformance. Two tensile-strength grades: 20,500 lb and 42,000 lb.
Uses: Excellent Offshore & Rough Waters (Large Lakes, Offshore, Large Bays)
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conventional oil booms Omega Oil Containment Boom

EPSILON 42-Inch Boom

Rough-water oil spill containment boom with excellent wave conformance and extremely high tensile strength. For the most demanding containment situations. Tensile strength is 42,000 lb.
Uses: Rough Open Waters (Ocean, Offshore, Channels)
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rough water oil boom
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