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Inflatable Oil Containment Boom

Inflatable booms are usually used for onboard vessels where space is limited, and a regular containment boom would be too bulky. All inflatable oil booms have reduced volume, which is a bonus when transporting the boom! These booms are typically used in open waters with a higher bouyancy to weight ratio. ABASCO specializes in manufacturing inflatable oil containment booms for any hazardous waste spill or oil spill. For your oil spills, we recommend the ABASCO AirBoom, which is the perfect inflatable oil containment boom wherever storage space is limited. The uninflated boom rolls flat, and the inflation system allows rapid response. The inflatable oil containment boom can be quickly deployed and inflated for fast initial spill response.

Inflatable Oil Boom Material Selection

Our inflatable booms come in various materials that are designed for durablability and to withstand extreme weather conditions, and also standard fabrics for inflatable booms. The following are materials used for AirBooms:

  • Heavy PVC
  • Urethane
  • Neoprene
  • Hypalon-coated Neoprene

ABASCO Air Inflated Oil Containment Boom


Inflatable Oil Spill Boom - AIRBOOM 36

Overall height, in (cm) 36 (91.4)
Float freeboard, in (cm) 12 (30.5)
Skirt draft, in (cm) 24 (61.0)
Tensile strength, lb (kg) 28,000 (12,701)




Air Boom 36


Inflatable Oil Spill Boom - AIRBOOM 50

Overall height, in (cm) 50 (127)
Float freeboard, in (cm) 14 (35.6)
Skirt draft, in (cm) 36 (91.4)
Tensile strength, lb (kg) 42,000 (19,051)




Air Boom 50

AIRBOOM Inflator

Backpack-style, 530-cfm inflator (by Echo Outdoor Power Equipment )is used to inflate ABASCO AIR Boom inflatable oil spill boom. Large-capacity fuel tank (64 fl oz) for long operating time. Commercial-grade 58.2 cc engine.




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