Baffles for Wastewater Management

ABASCO Wastewater Applications

ABASCO offers a wide range of oil recovery skimmers, wastewater baffles and temporary storage devices which can be utilized for pre or post-treatment process controls. Our wastewater treatment baffles are uniquely designed to reliably create serpentine flow patterns, extending retention time and improving treatment under severe conditions in wastewater treatment facilities. Custom products and design support are also available for unique projects encountered by the wastewater industry.


ABASCO is uniquely positioned to partner with wastewater facilities in the development of high-quality products that help your facility comply with the Clean Water Act regulating what pollutants could be discharged into different bodies of water, and The National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) program establishing discharge criteria and limits.

Our expertise, training, and manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce quality products for sale worldwide of:

  • Rugged containment booms that can be quickly delivered to the site of the spill and rapidly deployed to prevent the spread of oil
  • Skimmers specifically designed to meet the need of the existing site conditions
  • A complete assortment of sorbents, pads and rolls are available to quickly contain small volume spills or as a final polish to remove any leftover residue
  • Temporary storage for oil or other hazardous liquids
  • Transfer/offloading pumps
  • Floating curtain baffles designed using UV and chemical resistant fabric

ABASCO offers a wide array of products used to respond to spill incidents at wastewater sites, whether containment, recovery, storage or ancillary spill products are the requirements. The booms, baffles, and skimmers in inventory can be utilized for pre or post wastewater treatment process controls. Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans also utilize ABASCO products at drainage or lagoon areas.

If you need a partner with over 40 years of experience providing wastewater response solutions, contact the experts at ABASCO.

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