Q13-Series Rope-Mop Skimmers

Q Series Rope Mop Oil Skimmers

These are the most compact oil skimmers manufactured by ABASCO. They are engineered for long, maintenance-free operation. It is not recommended that Q-Series skimmers be mounted in an explosive atmosphere.


  • Use our Petro Mop rope to reclaim animal, vegetable, crude and refined oils
  • Reclaims up to 3 bbl/hr oil from the surface of water
  • Reclaims oil from flotsam, debris, and ice-infested waters
  • Insensitive to extreme water level variations
  • No attendant operator required
  • Simple gravity oil drain

*Motors are 115 VAC, single-phase, 60 Hz

ModelMaximum reach, in (cm)Mop speed, rpmMotor* weight, hp (kW)Shipping weight, lb (kg)
Q-13EL16 (40.6)301/6 (0.12)50 (22.7)
Q-13EL/224 (61)301/6 (0.12)60 (27.2)
Q-13EL/336 (91.4)301/6 (0.12)65 (29.5)


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