Perimeter & Sediment Control

ABASCO was established in 1975 as a privately held company based in Houston, Texas and was initially focused upon oil spill response products covering the full range or recovery, containment and storage applications required for emergency response for spill responders, industrial cleanup and first responders. The geomembrane division soon expanded utilizing the product knowledge and manufacturing core competencies producing containment booms for demanding applications into making wastewater baffles and turbidity curtains.

The company offers a wide range of turbidity curtains used for sediment control where contaminants, sediment and debris need to be contained at a work site. These include several Type 1, Type 2, Type 3 and Type 4 options available to meet the specific applications based on site-specific conditions and permits applied to the work site. In addition, the company provides the accessories and components necessary for proper installation and maintenance of the turbidity curtains based upon the application.

The industry has been impacted by increasing regulations and concerns which have expanded demand for sediment and contaminant control with turbidity curtains a cost-effective option in many applications. It is important that the turbidity curtains utilized are designed for the site conditions and meet the permit requirements to prevent project delays or costly replacement issues.

ABASCO turbidity curtains have been designed to meet or exceed industry standards and company personnel will strive to provide technical support on the proper product selection. Custom turbidity curtains are frequently offered to meet unique project applications and standard products are frequently enhanced to better suit the applications. The company is pleased to support the broad markets utilizing our turbidity curtains and will strive to be sure our products fulfill the projects sediment control targets.

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