Petrochemical Spill Containment

Chemical Spill Containment Products

ABASCO has over 40 years of experience providing great service and the highest quality products to customers in the Petrochemical Industry. We provide the most durable and longest-lasting water treatment baffle products in the industry. Our range of chemical spill containment products includes a wide variety of containment booms, temporary storage devices, and other products utilizing specialty fabrics to meet the unique chemical spill containment needed for petrochemical spill control. We also manufacture turbidity curtains that are specially designed for environmental remediation usage and help keep toxic chemicals and heavy metals contained within a worksite – providing safety to nearby bodies of water.

Given the complex and hazardous nature of the chemical and petrochemical industry, a variety of obstacles can arise when dealing with spill control and emergency spill response. Additionally, the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) program, created under the Clean Water Act, requires petrochemical plant operators to prepare a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) and obtain an NPDES permit for their stormwater discharges. ABASCO understands these obstacles and regulations and has the knowledge to help you choose a custom or stock product that is suitable for your specific application and environment. 


Already established as a leader in responding to oil spills, ABASCO is uniquely positioned to partner with facilities to provide products that comply with SWPPP and site-specific facility response plans to meet the NPDES permit requirements for the petrochemical industry. We carry inventories of:

  • Floating curtain baffles designed using UV and chemical resistant fabric
  • TYPE 1, 2 & 3 Turbidity Curtains and Specialty Curtains utilized for controlling turbidity at a work site
  • Rugged containment booms that can be quickly delivered to the site of the spill and rapidly deployed to prevent the spread of hydrocarbons or chemicals
  • Once contained in a boom, the chemical can be recovered with skimmers specifically designed to meet the needs of the existing site conditions
  • A complete assortment of sorbents, pads and rolls are available to quickly contain small volume spills or as a final polish to remove any leftover residue
  • Temporary storage
  • Transfer/offloading pumps

ABASCO offers a wide array of products used to respond to spill incidents at wastewater sites, whether containment, recovery, storage or ancillary spill products are the requirements. Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans also utilize ABASCO products at drainage or lagoon areas.

When you need an expert to answer your questions and provide the highest quality chemical spill prevention products in the industry, contact ABASCO to discuss your options and help you pick the right products for your unique situation.

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