Atlas-SSI Strengthens Water Screening Solutions Portfolio with Acquisition of Containment Barrier Leader ABASCO


Oil & Gas Spill Containment Products

Oil & Gas Spill Containment

ABASCO was established in 1975 as a privately held company based in Houston, Texas. From the very beginning, our focus was to provide the best service with the highest quality products. With that purpose in mind, we design oil spill containment products with quality and durability so that our customers get the best value.

Our extensive line of products includes oil spill response skimmers and industrial skimmer packages, dispersant spray systems, and spill response vessels. Our products cover the full range of recovery, containment, and storage applications required for emergency response by spill responders, industrial firms, and first responders.


Already established as a leader in responding to oil spills, ABASCO is uniquely positioned to partner with facilities in the development of site-specific facility response plans. We not only have the expertise, training, and background to work with customers in the preparation of these plans, we bring our experience and certification for this type of event with us if an actual response is required.

ABASCO has a significant inventory of products:

  • Rugged containment and inflatable booms that can be quickly delivered to the site of the spill and rapidly deployed to prevent the spread of oil
  • Once contained in a boom, the oil can then be either burned off or recovered with skimmers specifically designed to meet the needs of the existing site conditions
  • A complete assortment of sorbents, pads and rolls are available to quickly contain small volume spills or as a final polish to remove any leftover residue
  • Dispersants that break up the oil into smaller, more diluted and biodegradable particles; dispersants do not remove the oil but make it easier to absorb

If you need an expert to help you implement your oil or petroleum spill response plan, contact an expert at ABASCO who can answer any of your questions and provide the exact equipment you need for your individual situation.

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