Rope-Mop Skimmer

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Oil booms, also refereed to as containment boom, is a temporary floating barrier designed to contain an oil spill. Oil booms reduce the possibility of pollutiion shorelines, rivers, and oceans, but also allow for an easy recovery. During spill responses, sensitive locations are threatened by oil slick, but these areas can be protected by equipment. Oil booms are designed and manufactured using plastic, metal, or other materials to slow the spread of oil and keep it contained. ABASCO manufactures a full line ofoil spill containment booms for all applications and conditions, including conventional booms, air-inflated boom, self-inflating boom, and permanent boom.

Oil spill booms also help by collecting oil in thicker surface layers, and will make recovery easier for your company! There are several types of oil containment booms depending on the application and conditions. ABASCO manufacture inland/nearshore and offshore oil booms. Inland oil booms utlize smallerfloatation memebers and lighter weight ballasts, which are best for light wind and small waves. Offshore oil booms usually have larger floatation members and can handle heavier ballasts. We manufacture all oil containment booms in our facility located in Humble, Texas.



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